What Is Boho Fashion & Where Does It Come From?

What Is Boho Fashion & Where Does It Come From? https://bohofashionboutique.com

What is boho fashion and where does it come from?

Boho Fashion or boho-chic fashion as it is most commonly known, dates back to the early 70’s. It is connected with the hippie lifestyle that was on the peak of its popularity at the time. Boho clothing borrowed inspiration from hippies’ spiritual connection to the earth. This is reflected in the use of vibrant yet neutral color combinations.

The contemporary boho fashion trend started with Sienna Miller’s outfit at Glastonbury 2004. Although there are those who claim that its elements were already in fashion since 2002. But now, the style continues to win more and more fans all over the world.

What are the key features of boho clothing?

Not being imposed by any rules in combining colors and designs is a pivotal idea of boho clothing. Boho gives you total freedom in choosing items that reflect your personality. Therefore, the preference is given to free-flowing designs (although it is not a must), and multiple layers. Comfort is a priority is boho style fashion. So, over-sized clothing and shoes without heels are also considered.

The creation of the overall effect of layering is a key characteristic of boho-chic style clothing.

The classical look of bohemian style fashion is typically created with such items as long skirts, tunics and over-sized blouses. Voluminous sleeves, kaftan-style dresses, song socks, and spaghetti tops can also be a part of the look.

Which fabrics, colors, and patterns are suitable for boho fashion?

Boho fashion reflects your connection to nature. So, natural materials are preferred. The most popular options include cotton, leather and lace.

As far as colors are concerned, the main palette consists of autumnal earth tints. Such as rich tan, yellow, deep brown, red, and green. Neutral tones (soft cream, beige, white) are integral too. However, bright colors are not excluded either.

Boho patterns are mostly subtle and small. Consequently, one can use delicate polka dots or pinstripes. You can also use floral patterns or classical flowers.

How to create your boho fashion look?

The first rule you need to remember is to choose your layers carefully. So, don’t overload yourself with too many items.

Remember to consider the colors and patterns that represent your inner spirit. And not just your body. Try to choose items that balance your look. Never forget to accessorize Also. Boho-chic accessories and jewelry are pivotal. Make them bold!

Find out more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boho-chic and https://bohofashionboutique.com/boho-style-clothing-dress-bohemian-2019/

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