Still In Vogue: How to Incorporate Boho Style In Your Outfit

When you hear the word “boho”, your mind might take you back 15 years ago and remind you of the early aughts with Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen storming the fashion world with their patterned shawls and earthy palettes. No wonder the style has been making waves for as long as 60 years. Emerging in the 1960s as a way of adopting the “free spirit” lifestyle, the ideals it represents are still relevant today — wanderlust, youth, and freedom.

That’s why modern fashion designers continue to be inspired by this style, introducing collections featuring long airy dresses, leather accessories, and other unmistakably Bohemian design elements. So how do you incorporate this timeless look into your outfit?

First, identify the Boho style elements that you particularly like. Is it a maxi skirt with ankle boots or is it a wide-brim hat/cardigan combo? To avoid looking dated and cliché, combine separate Boho elements with your own style — this will also make your look feel natural and personal.

Boho Style, Boho-chic Floral Print, Tassel Tied Maxi Skirt Skirts Boho bottoms Size : S|M|L

Secondly, make a statement with an eye-catching print. Patterns are the driving force of Bohemian chic — but pick them wisely. To avoid a cluttered look, don’t combine more than two patterns. For an effortlessly stylish look, try a maxi patterned dress and combine it with leather sandals — a not too busy, but awesomely chic summer outfit.

Finally, get creative with your jewelry. One of the advantages of the Bohemian style is that its only rule is to be free and unique. Venture to your local flea markets, thrift stores, or Etsy, and don’t be afraid to get quirky with accessories. Pro tip: as Boho gravitates toward natural colors and materials, try to have your jewelry reflect that by incorporating stones and minerals in your accessories.

Boho Style, Boho-chic Floral Print, Tassel Tied Maxi Skirt Skirts Boho bottoms Size : S|M|L

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