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Bohemian jewelry is characterized by its freeform and unique style. This form of jewelry often includes a mix of colors, patterns and symbols that are designed to create a sense of connection to earth, nature, and even spirituality. If you want to get started on your bohemian jewelry collection, start with a set of few cute boho rings that will work best for your wardrobe. Plus, there's no better way to get compliments on your style than by wearing that gorgeous bangle or ring you've been eyeing. When you're working on your bohemian look, keep in mind that the key is layering styles: Stack your bracelets together, wear a boho maxi dress with a tassel necklace and compliment them with a pair of bohemian hoop earrings.  

Chic Boho Bags

boho bags and purses We have a wide range of Boho Bags and Purses available, from woven hippie bags, beach bags, to rattan straw bags. Many of our bags and purses are handmade with artisanal boho-chic style and sustainable fair-trade materials. They have a high level of attention to detail that is seen in the stitching and designs on each item. Our bohemian bags are one-of-a-kind with their signature embroideries as well as designs, natural colors and prints.  

Awe-inspiring Boho Bracelets

Awe-inspiring Boho Bracelets Boho bracelets are one of the hottest trends this season. They are really popular accessories right now, and they are quickly getting more trendy with time. Long braided cords, beads, charms and gemstones are just few of the things that make bohemian style bracelets magical. Walk around emitting positive vibes and energy and turn heads with the vibrant colors and unique shapes of every charm on your bracelet. Our bracelets come in different colors and styles and being handmade only add personality and story behind them. Check out some of our collection that will surely make you stand out from the crowd:  

Tantalizing Boho Chokers

Tantalizing Boho Chokers Boho chokers are a great addition for any wardrobe and they come in many different styles. Some are made from pearls, others from leather with gypsy turquoise accents - needless to say you'll find the perfect one here at Boho Fashion Boutique! Our boho choker necklaces are perfect to wear on top of any style of outfit, and they can go with a simple look from your wardrobe as well as edgy styles. We believe that everyone is unique and has a different style that suits them. From wild tribal boho chokers that reflect your sense of adventure, to beautiful neutral-colored chokers vibrating with serenity, you can create your perfect set of bohemian accessories just the way you like them. These chokers are just the right amount of fashion-forward to do well on their own. You can choose between leather tassels, dropped chain detailing, pompoms, gemstones, and turquoises. No matter what you choose, our boho-style chokers are sure to add a tantalizing finishing touch to anything you wear. Elevate your clothing to Coachella worthy outfits and compliment your inner style with a beaded gemstone choker. Or, choose a simple leather choker for an evening event. Maybe get a multi-lace choker for a casual bohemian look! Boho Fashion Boutique got you covered.  

Gorgeous Bohemian Style Earrings

Gorgeous Bohemian Style Earrings One of the best ways to make your outfit stand out is by pairing it with a beautiful, thoughtful accessory, and boho earrings are at the top of the list. Crafted from high quality materials, these handmade earrings are sure to make your soul shine. Our boho-chic earrings are designed to make a statement with deep spiritual significance. The materials in each pair of earrings are from the earth; precious metals, coconut shells, and tassels. Each piece will make you feel like a Gypsy Queen as well as add to your personal style! Our boho earrings are available in a prolific variety of shapes and styles.  

Women’s Boho Hats for Every Mood

Women’s Boho Hats for Every Mood Boho-chic hats can be worn for any occasion depending on their style: There are a variety of different types of bohemian style hats. They can be made out of various materials, including straw, felt, and cotton. They can also be embellished with lace, beads, and feathers. Boho hats are typically adorned with feathers and ribbons, some also have flowers for decoration.  

Cute Bohemian Style Leg Warmers for Women

Cute Bohemian Style Leg Warmers for Women A style introduced in the 60s, boho leg warmers (or warmies) have been making a comeback in recent years. They are now popular among trendsetters, who often wear them with boots or ballet flats for an ultimate bohemian look. Leg warmers are an essential part of the bohemian style especially in the colder seasons, they come in a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns. The colors, patterns and fabrics for bohemian style leg warmers are endless.  

Wondrous Boho Necklaces

Boho Jewelry Wondrous Boho Necklaces A Bohemian style necklace is a perfect piece to add an edge to your outfit. They are usually long and colorful, and can be worn in a number of different ways. Here are a few tips for wearing a Bohemian style necklace: Wearing Bohemian Style Necklaces is a form of art, and have a strong cultural tie to the bohemian movement, specifically the late 19th century and early 20th century. These necklaces were originally made by skilled craftsmen from all over the world, and most notably in Eastern Europe. Boho necklaces are made of a variety of materials, including shells, wood, metals, and beads.  

Divine Boho Style Rings for Women

Divine Boho Style Rings for Women Boho style is a great way to show off your personality. To achieve this style, try wearing rings with a delicate or whimsical design. Tips on how to wear Boho Style Rings: Bohemian Style Rings are made of anything you can imagine, and can be adorned with a variety of materials such as rhinestones, precious rocks and colorful gemstones.  

Vibrant Boho Style Tapestry

Vibrant Boho Style Tapestry Bohemian style tapestries were majorly created in Western Europe in imitation of those from the 16th century, which were in turn based on Persian designs. Nowadays, boho tapestry is inspired from multiple regions of the world. You can find Swahili style tapestry handmade out of straws, Persian inspired tapestry with Arabic and Middle Eastern designs and of course the most popular Goa-inspired tapestry with colorful patterns and bohemian/gypsy vibes. Boho Fashion Boutique has a wide assortment of awe-inspiring tapestry. Grab one and hang it above your bed to add style and color to your room or get a smaller one for a perfect day at the beach.  

Unique Boho Watches

Unique Boho Watches Boho watches typically have an eclectic mix of beads, sequins, stones, and charms that make them stand out from the rest. They usually have a traditional analog face, and is often large, round, and colorful with unique designs that are often asymmetrical or abstract. The most popular boho watches are considered to be bracelet watches. Many brands are adopting the boho style and making watches with Aztec designs, colorful straps and floral designs. At Boho Fashion Boutique, we have selected the most feminine and colorful assortment of bohemian watches for your pleasure.  


Jewelry are must-have items for any boho-chic babe. You can turn any item in your wardrobe to a bona fide bohemian chic outfit with the right accessories. Go ahead and choose from our hand-selected collection of stunning boho jewelry and accessories. We offer free worldwide shipping too, and hassle-free returns. So, don’t hesitate and give your wardrobe a makeover with Boho Fashion Boutique!

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